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Brooklyn: the epicenter of the new American coffee renaissance

New York City is most certainly one of the world’s food capitals. The largest city in the United States is a true cultural crossroads where the American identity combines with fragments from many other cultures.

Generations of immigrants brought their languages, their values and more importantly, their food. New York’s 5 boroughs are home to the best international cuisine your heart desires. Whether you are looking for some classic Italian or Filipino street food, you will find it all.

Brooklyn has long been known for its hip and diverse food scene. In recent years, it has also grown to become one of the best places for coffee in the United States, and perhaps, in the whole world.

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Many young entrepreneurs set out to pursue their passion for high-quality coffee sourced directly from trusted producers and roasted in-house, for maximum freshness. Trendy neighborhoods such as Williamsburg and Bushwick are home to a wide variety of coffee roasters, who often have a cozy cafe space in their shop, so people can sit and enjoy a perfect cup directly where the beans were roasted in the first place. The beauty of this coffee scene is that every roaster seems to have a different approach and each business is able to offer a unique experience to coffee aficionados.

“Supercrown” is a small Bushwick establishment where coffee is roasted with vintage equipment that looks stunning and works perfectly. Guests are able to enjoy their coffee in an elegant minimalistic setting. Both the coffee roasting style and the design of the location are informed by Scandinavian influences.

“Variety” is dedicated to sourcing rare and interesting coffee from various countries, roasting them to the highest standards and serving them in their hip locations throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan.

“City of Saints”, another local favorite, is committed to posting, brewing and serving delicious coffee and building strong relationships with high-quality producers in Honduras, Peru, Keyna, Colombia, Ethiopia and more.

“Devocion” is particularly devoted to using only the best Colombian coffee, offering an experience that is strongly focused on the many coffee varieties produced in the country.

These are only some of the many exciting coffee roasters that are currently bringing a lot of excitement and variety to Brooklyn. These businesses are driven by people who are highly knowledgeable and passionate about their craft. The quality standards are extremely high and each of these young, buzzing businesses offer a product and an experience that will appeal to all coffee connoisseurs out there.