Computers and Electronics

Are you looking for a back pressure regulator?

Are you looking for a regulator (back pressure regulator) to solve pressure related challenges in your chemical process set-up? If you run a chemical process or process research that requires high precision pressure control, our high precision back pressure regulators will be extremely helpful to optimize your process. Equilibar manufactures innovative, patented dome-loaded orifice-sealed back […]


Geslepen RVS

De voorbereiding oké dit is een tekst met allemaal woorden er. In die voor over RVS en geslepen effe hoeveel het er via slijpen in voorkomen ze dat dit er goed uitziet rest RVS slijpen een lamp in de kamer. Is er ook nog een dienblad hier en dan de afstandsbediening van de tv RVS […]


A double deck trailer to transport large quantities

Do you want to transport large quantities of goods across Europe? Or do you need to transport voluminous products such as matrasses or other foam products? In both cases you need a transport solution that maximizes the capacity of your delivery. A double deck trailer almost doubles the capacity of your transport, meaning more goods […]


Discover the best performing double A battery from this supplier

The double A battery, an innocuous-looking object that nonetheless has a great impact on our lives. It is difficult to imagine our lives without these convenient power sources. After all, it’s the double A batteries that power various of our everyday devices. From your children’s favourite toys to the remote of the telly, but also […]


Dry Fasting

There are a lot of types of fasting prevalent in different cultures and religions. It is very easy to get confused between these types. Dry fasting, however, like the name suggests, is the type of fasting in which you cannot drink water, along with eliminating food for a specific duration of the fast. If you […]


Day Trading Tips for Amateurs

Day trading has become immensely competitive in the last few years. It can be quite challenging for beginners to understand every concept of day trading and become successful in it. This article deals with some of the essential tips that you should keep in mind while day trading as a beginner. Pick the Right Market […]

Jobs and trainings

Offres d’emploi à Vers

Offre d’emploi : “Collaborateur d’agence lille h/f”  Kelly    Nord-Pas-de-Calais    Emploi Assurance    19 heures il y a L’entreprise Kelly Services : Votre partenaire ressources humaines en France Description de l’offre COLLABORATEUR D’AGENCE ASSURANCE MUTUELLE H/F – LILLELieu: LILLEType de contrat : CDISalaire : Fixe 24k€ + variableDébut : 2nd trimestre 2020Expérience : 1 à […]


Wifi camera – mini camera

De wifi camera is de laatste jaren enorm populair geworden. Met de camera kan je namelijk beelden opnemen en streamen. Dit gebeurd allemaal via je eigen wifi netwerk. Vrijwel iedereen heeft tegenwoordig internet en wifi in huis. Via dit netwerk zorg je ervoor dat beelden digitaal in de cloud worden opgeslagen. Je kan zo altijd […]


Tekststickers goedkope marketing

Als je net een eigen bedrijf bent begonnen heb je vaak heel veel kosten. Sterker nog, in de beginnende periode liggen de kosten vaak vele malen hoger dan de inkomsten. Natuurlijk moet er geinvesteerd worden, want zonder investering is het haast onmogelijk om een bedrijf op te zetten. Maar let bij die investering goed op […]

Fashion and Clothing

Show your style with short dress skirts

Turn your attention while wearing the most fashionable short dresses from shop2fashion. Are you looking for a comfortable, feminine dress? Then the short dress with a warm and ankle straps are the best choice for you! With the festive season approaching, this give you an elegant look with Suede Boots. Turn the space around the […]