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Nooboo’s sustainable bamboo t-shirts men and women

Nooboo’s lightweight bamboo t-shirts men and women are the perfect everyday essentials. Every t-shirt is made in Bali (Indonesia). Our sustainable bamboo t-shirts men and women comes in crewneck and v-neck. Besides it has a regular fit to it and comes in different colors and sizes as well. Nooboo’s sustainable bamboo t-shirts are breathable and eco-friendly compared to the regular cotton t-shirts on the clothing market. Our sustainable bamboo t-shirts men and women are available separately or available in a 3-pack.

Nooboo’s sustainable vision

Nooboo focuses on high quality, sustainability and comfort at the same time. Nooboo thinks it will only be possible by pushing through our limits. Nooboo works with ambitious people with the same vision on fashion. Our sustainable bamboo t-shirts are designed in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) with skillfulness and passion. Our bamboo fibers are sustainable grown and owned by Indonesian plantation workers. Additionally, there are only sunlight and rains use for the growing process for our bamboo plants, which means no toxin or any pesticides. Nooboo makes sure that our team operate in safe environment and are paid out with fair salaries. Fairness and transparency means everything to Nooboo, our team thinks that these are the key factors towards a better and sustainable world.

Bamboo’s unique features

Our sustainable bamboo t-shirts men and women not only contains 100% biodegradable or eco-friendly materials, but it has also very unique material features. Our sustainable bamboo t-shirts provide 95% protection against UV-rays. Furthermore, it keeps you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. The bamboo fibers on Nooboo’s t-shirts are antibacterial and hypoallergenic, which means it is perfect for sensitive skin and people with strong odor.

Nooboo’s order and shipping

Our sustainable bamboo t-shirts men and sustainable bamboo t-shirts women could be found on We do ship worldwide and free shipping within the Netherlands and Germany. Orders will be shipped on the same day if the purchase is made before 4.00 pm.