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NBA 2K21 – MyTeam Season 3 Has Started

NBA 2K21 players can now enjoy the third MyTeam season. Season 3 will last for six weeks and brings more content and rewards. This is your chance to acquire the first galaxy opal player items. The level 40 reward for Season 3 is galaxy opal Dwayne Wade. The level 1 free agent reward is LeBron James. You can get this card just by accessing the season agendas menu. After that, take part in the activities that will grant you XP to level up and unlock more rewards.

This season is themed around Wade. You might remember that two of Wade’s championships were won with the legendary player Shaquille O’Neal. This season’s signature challenge features O’Neal. Players will have to complete 23 kicks in match 7 of the Western Conference finals. The year was 2000 and the opposite team was the Portland Trail Blazers. This is one of O’Neal’s most memorable performances. He managed to do a high alley-oop while playing against Kobe Bryant.

For this challenge, you get a free Shaquille O’Neal card when you enter the BRYANT-TO-SHAQ locker code. You can also use another O’Neal card if you want. We also have Spotlight Challenges. Players are invited to complete Triple Threat and 5 versus 5 challenges. These activities are themed around 5 NBA players. You will get a locker code to get a free version of the player for the challenge or you can use one you already have.

Baron Davis is the second galaxy opal card that can be earned this season. You will get this card when you redeem locker codes, complete all the spotlight challenges, get the rewards from the agenda groups, and acquire the players from time-limited events. Thanksgiving comes with a locker code for diamond Ja Morant. You will have more chances to get the Rookie of the Year so don’t worry if you miss it.

Galaxy opal Wilt Chamberlain is obtained when you get the season collection complete. There’s a new pink diamond card to collect every day. Idols Series I concludes this season. Another galaxy opal card will be obtainable as a reward for completing this collection. More rewards are acquired from MyTeam Limited and Unlimited modes. If you get six championship rings in Limited, you get Aaron Gordon. Andre Iguodala is the reward from Unlimited. Season 3 will also celebrate the start of the 2020/2021 NBA season with daily gifts. MyTeam Festival comes with packs and time-limited items. MTStacks also have great deal for you for NBA 2K21 MT coins. Check out the online store now!


(Contributed by Reda; Edited by Hermes_Fang)