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Improving your game as a referee

Every sport, whether amateur or professional, requires enthusiastic referees. People with a passion for the sport, who ensure that rules are correctly applied and athletes can enjoy playing sports. Because that’s what sport is all about in the end: having fun together!
As a referee you often say at the start of a match against coaches, captains or athletes. But how do you make sure that sports are a positive experience for all involved? The four insights for the modern referee can help you:

  • Structuring
  • Stimulate
  • Giving individual attention
  • Sharing responsibility

Sports fun is sometimes forgotten in the heat of battle. The referee’s decisions sometimes evoke a lot of emotion. The referee has to deal with criticism – or worse: swearing or physical threat – from athletes, coaches, parents or other spectators. That used to be the case, and it is the case now.

In a rapidly changing society, we see that the referee is under more pressure. Because of individualization, people are used to and trained to stand up for themselves. This is also expressed in the increased empowerment of the athlete, who clashes with the role of the referee. How can you, as a referee, deal with this empowerment?

You can do this by optimizing your performance as a referee, through succesful and flawless communications with your assistants on the sidelines to make the right decisions. Check out the referee headset football system by AXIWI and discover how you can improve your game!