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Common mistakes when making pizza

Making your own pizza can be tricky, but once you’re good at it, it can be a lot of fun and delicious to do at home. I mean: PIZZA! It can hardly help but make you happy, right? Just make sure you avoid some mistakes once you’re convinced that making pizza yourself is the way to go…

The importance of a good pizza

Nobody wants a pizza that doesn’t taste good and whose toppings don’t go together well. When you never make pizzas, it is difficult to estimate how to do it all. With some nice kneading and patience, this can be such a fun project! And we avoid these mistakes at Monte Pizza Crust:

Let the pizza dough rest for a long time

Resting the dough is very important. It is logical that you get impatient and quickly want to top the dough with toppings, but the bottom really tastes better when you let the dough rest. When the dough can rise slowly, the bottom will be nice and airy. Dough rises faster in warm temperatures, but on the other hand, a better taste can develop if the ambient temperature is not too warm. Let the dough rise for about 24 hours.

Knead the dough well

Besides letting the dough rise, it is also important to knead the dough well. The longer you knead, the smoother the texture. This takes longer and you need a lot of power, but it really does get better. Kneading the dough should take at least ten minutes. A nice workout anyway!

Make a nice circle

Do not use a rolling pin to roll the airy dough completely flat again. This is really a waste of all the work in the previous steps. You don’t have to immediately throw a pizza in the air like a pro, but you do have to leave the rolling pin in the cupboard or kitchen drawer. Just use your hands and fingers to make a nice circle.