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Christmas wholesale specialist for your shop

Are you the proud owner of a shop and are you thinking of changing your holiday decorations for something more contemporary? Or do you want to bring more colour into your store during this festive time of the year? Then you will definitely like the products of these Christmas wholesale specialists. At Timstor they sell the best Christmas decorations in Belgium! These experts will never disappoint you with their wide range of options that are sure to bring all your clients in the right mood.

A little magic

Oftentimes it is not necessary to buy giant snowmen or inflatable Santa Clauses to pass the Christmas spirit to your customers. Smaller decorations from this Christmas wholesale add that little magic to your store during the holiday season. These little trinkets, such as the gnomes in the prettiest colours, are available in different shapes and sizes. You can decide for yourself how much space you want them to take in. Do you want to put them in between your own products on the shelves? Or do you want the decorations to make a statement in the shop window? Thanks to the endless assortment of this Christmas wholesale store, you will always find everything you need for your shop!

What trinkets are you interested in?

With a store full of trinkets it might be difficult to choose. That is why these specialists have organized their store to make it easier for you. There are more than a dozen different categories filled with everything from gnomes, lighting to Christmas houses and even elves. You will be able to choose between a variety of colours. That way you are sure to find something that matches the style of your own shop in their online store:

Get to know the team behind all these magical products

Can you wait no longer to get in the holiday spirit? Then go take a look at the online assortment on their website. You can also stop by Arendonk, in Belgium, to see all the products in person. There you will find a whole team of experts that would love to help you. Get to know the team by calling them or sending an email. Or go to their store today!