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A large radius bend

Are you familiar with a 5D bend? This is a bend that is five times larger than a standard bend. Because it is five times larger, it is much more durable. Therefore, a 5D bend has a better resistance against corrosive substances, than a standard or smaller size bend. The downside of a 5D bend is that because of its size, it is much harder to produce than a standard size bend. Therefore, many companies do not carry them in stock and only produce them on demand. However, has these products available in stock. Check out the different possibilities.  

A barred tee for maintenance and utility

When you are constructing a pipeline, safety and maintenance are important aspects. Safe maintenance can be achieved with the use of a barred tee. This is a type of pipe fitting with a cage-like structure. This structure prevents maintenance pigs from flowing into parts or branches of the pipeline in which it is not supposed to go. This can be very important when your pipeline branches out to smaller pipes, which could get clogged by the maintenance pig. If your company wants to make use of a barred tee, then you can find these products at This is a leading expert in many parts within the piping industry.

Consult a specialist on pipelines

Do you have all construction planning for your pipeline ready yet? is a leading expert that has many different types of parts for your pipeline available. Are you looking for a barred tee or a 5D bend? You can definitely find these products on their website. If you have any questions regarding a product, there is product data available on each product page. However, if you have any additional questions, you can always contact their helpdesk for assistance on any piping question.