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Why do doctors always wear a white coat?

Why do doctors always wear a white coat? 

Did you ever wonder why doctors or medical employees at hospitals or other medical institutes always wear a white coat? Yes, we already thought so! Maybe because it looks good? Or maybe the lab coat has some kind of function other than the multiple pockets? Well, we say, let’s figure this mystery out!

Let’s figure it out!

Before we can give you an answer to this question, we have to go back in time. Around the year 1500 before Christ, doctors would already white clothing in Babylon. Also in Greece (approximately 1000 years ago) the medical caretakers also wore white clothing because of the hygiene. However, in The Netherlands, they actually didn’t wear any white medical clothing. As you maybe know the medici wore black clothing. Take a look at the painting of Rembrandt. Around the nineties, centuries due to the chemist Louis Pasteur the white lab coats and clothing has been introduced in The Netherlands. 

The idea behind the color white in medical institutes is because the color white stands for purity and spotlessness. That is why you actually always see white bedding in hospitals but also in hotels. The other reason is that white unpainted linen is best for sterilization by repeated boiling.

Actually there has been some research done on this topic. The research shows that doctors feel good in their white lab coats. And that is helps to perform their work even better. So it is more of a symbolic gesture than functional.  

Colorful scrub clothing 

Yes, the white scrubs are maybe a bit old fashioned and only has a symbolic function. However they still look good. But what about colorful scrub clothing for your medical institution. What about scrubs for women in the color black, red, green of pink. Is that maybe a bit too much? Or is it okay to stand out in your medical scrubs. We say yes. Why is it only necessary to wear boring white scrubs if there so many other colors on the market. 

Let’s start with this new trend of wearing more color in medical institutions. And what about a dental practice or a beauty treatment center. Is it not too boring to only wear white scrubs? Probably yes. Let’s try some other colors and you will see that not only the employees will like it but also the customers. Your place will be remembered more due to the colorful clothing. 

New scrub style in 2022

It is okay to try a new scrub style for your company. What do you think about a scrub dress or scrub skirt (of course not too short)? You may also choose from multiple different styles. For example, on Mondays the nurses wear a scrub top with pants and on Tuesdays they wear a scrub dress. Providing variety is not only great for the staff, but it also makes your company stand out from competitors. In addition, in 2022 we will see that companies increasingly opt for scrubs with patterns and striking colours. The standard scrub look will be left behind completely!