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Wagner Paint Sprayer

The Wagner Wood & Metal sprayer W 200 is a versatile and compact spray gun and therefore suitable for small and medium-sized paint projects inside and outside, where you use lacquer or stain. With this paint spraying system you only hold the spray attachment in your hand.


The Wagner W 200 spray gun is suitable for processing wood and metal paints (water and solvent base). Think for example of jobs where you want to apply lacquer and stain to: wooden fences and wooden gazebos, wooden ceilings and wooden beams, sanded stairs, pieces of furniture that need to be refurbished, radiators, etc.

By purchasing a Wallpaint attachment in combination with this spray gun, you can also use it to process wall paints.


The advantages of the Wagner W 200 paint sprayer:

• At least 3 times faster than with a brush and better opacity

• Evenly covering paint layer in one go, also on edges and corners.

• Fast and easy to fill, change and clean

• Sprayed paint quantity can be adjusted

• Adjustable spray head, 3 positions: horizontal, vertical, round

• Compact machine: handy and easy to store


The triple adjustable spray jet, which allows horizontal, vertical and punctual spraying, ensures that you can work comfortably. Thanks to the unique Click & Paint system, the changing of paint is effortless, because other spray attachments can be easily clicked into place. The reservoir has a capacity of 600 milliliters.


Tips & tricks:

• Test the paint sprayer on a piece of cardboard before you start the real work, so that you are sure that you have chosen the correct setting.

• Make sure you keep the spray gun at the same distance from the object while you are working. Make the movements with your whole arm, instead of with your wrist. That makes it easier to keep the distance the same.

• Even movements ensure an even result!


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