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How to create an ecological garden

Being ecological means being concerned with the relation of living organism to their physical and direct surrounding. This means that something can have an ecological impact, which indicates that something influences this relationship. As an example, it can be stated that the increasing air pollution is forming a threat towards the ecological balance of the ocean. Everyone wants the earth to sustain, but sometimes helping towards this can be difficult. In this article we will share a few tips on how you can maintain and create an ecological and sustainable garden.

There are various ways to make your garden more eco friendly. Some of these tips are very easy to implement. The first tips is to attract “eco friendly” bugs in your garden. Although you might not know it, bugs such as ladybirds and ground beetles are very important to the ecosystem in your garden. They are very beneficial towards fighting harmful bugs inside your garden. For example ladybirds eat aphis and greenflies. You can plant special flowers in your garden which will attract more of these ecological friendly pesticides.

Not only bugs can be harmful for your garden. Other small animals such as snails and caterpillars can form a serious threat towards the condition of your plants. The natural enemy of those are birds. It is not difficult to attract more birds to your garden. You can, for example, install nesting boxes and bird feeders. In addition, there are also natural substances such as egg shells and beer traps which can be used to battle snails.

Finally, it is very sustainable to make use of a rainwater harvesting pump to give your plants water. Especially during the summer garden irrigation can use a lot of water. By using rainwater pump you make sure that you taking care of your garden in an ecological way. In addition, using a pump will allow you to automate the watering system in your garden, meaning you will also save time. Therefore, an ecological, economical and time saving consumption!