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A warm and comfortable home in Scotland with underfloor heating

Scotland is the second largest country in Great Britain. On the west and north it is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and on the east by the North Sea. The only land border is on the south by England. As one of the most northern European countries and effectively located in the middel os the sea, the climate is als very much a sea climate and is characterised by very swift changes.

Traditionally rich of natural recourses the country is largely heated by oil and gas and coal is still very much in use in rural area’s. Fortunately, renewable energy sources are becoming more and more popular and the use of underfloor heating is on the up.

The benefits of underfloor heating

Under floor heating offers many benefits in comparison with conventional systems in both its heating effect and energy efficiency. The concept of underfloor heating is based on circulating warm water through a system of  pipes which are installed in the floor turning it in to a very effective large radiator. The result is an  even heat throughout the living or working area that is warm, comfortable, fully controllable and free from draughts and cold spots.

The system is extremely energy efficient, requires very little maintenance, provides a healthier environment and allows greater freedom for interior design due to the absence of radiators.

At least two thirds of the output from underfloor heating Scotland is radiant heat and that is considerably more hygienic and comfortable than that given out by radiators, let alone warm airheating systems. It is also more efficient in that the difference in temperature between the floor and 2 meters high is as little as 1-2°C whilst with a conventional radiator system this can be as much as 8-10°C.

A Healthy Environment

Unlike conventional systems, underfloor heating does not create air circulation which can carry dust particles around the living and working areas. 

Full Control

The temperature of each individual room or area can be fully regulated by a thermostatic timer which controls the temperature electronically and enables the day and night requirements to be pre-set automatically. Also remote controlled apps are available for the use on mobile devices.

Flexible Interior Design

As radiators, pipes and gratings become obsolete it allows for greater freedom in your individual choice of interior design and room layout. Have a look at the aesthetically pleasing interiors here:

Reassuringly to know, any type of floor covering can be used in combination with underfloor heating. Where stone and ceramic tiles were deemd to be cold, with underfloor heating they really come into place for their radiant characteristics. Also carpet, amtico, linoleum and hardwood flooring can be used.

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