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A double deck trailer to transport large quantities

Do you want to transport large quantities of goods across Europe? Or do you need to transport voluminous products such as matrasses or other foam products? In both cases you need a transport solution that maximizes the capacity of your delivery. A double deck trailer almost doubles the capacity of your transport, meaning more goods can be transported at once. Of course, this is a more efficient and cost-effective way of transporting products and goods. At Blankers Transport in the Netherlands you will find the ideal double deck trailer for your specific shipment. This company takes good care of your loading and delivers quick and efficient across Europe.

The loading process of this kind of trailer

When you need a double deck trailer for the transportation of your goods, you need to know that there are a few differences with a normal trailer. For loading your goods into the double deck trailer, you could use a hydraulic lift mechanism. This system makes it possible to compress goods without damaging while loading. When all your goods are inside the double deck trailer, the decks are gently lowered into their final position. When you do this, there will be even more space on the top floor of the trailer. Here you can put more products. So, with a double deck trailer you do not need two or three trucks, but just one. This means that your transportation process is more efficient, and you will have less costs.

Your logistical process will be successful

When you get in touch with the specialists from Blankers Transport, you will benefit from a great service and high-quality equipment that guarantees you an efficient and environmentally friendly way of transport. With this complete service, you can be sure that any transport process to any location in Europe will be successful. Do you want to receive more information? Do not hesitate to contact this company to ask your questions about a double deck trailer or other transportation options.